About JW3


… for anything right.


Coaches see potential and craft a plan to bring your best…that’s him!


No matter the platform, words are his paint and people are his canvas.


Growing and loving people in a local weekly setting is his passion.

Family Guy

He found a “good” thing in Alecia and they are raising 2 champions.


He reaches people where they by leveraging technology and live opportunities to expand good news in an every changing world.

“Change is possible if you’re willing to put in the work.” – Jasper Williams 3


Jasper W. Williams, III is an innovative connector of people with transformational life-changing ideas.  An accomplished Pastor, Jasper is a fourth generation preacher that answered the call to serve God at the young age of nine.  As the founder and Senior Pastor of The Church in Atlanta, GA, he empowers people weekly to walk towards personal progress in being what God has called them to be.Growing up in the shadow of a world-renowned father, he enjoyed the loving encouragement of his family and church community, which supported him in finding his own voice.  His parents will attest that he has always had a deep understanding of his personal relationship with God and through this realization for most of his life; Jasper has been committed to the salvation of souls; and recently even more committed to seeing transformation.

A staunch advocate of education, he attended Woodward Academy in College Park, GA, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.



Pastor Williams is publicly recognized as one with a deep sense of compassion for developing human spiritual growth and maintains a solid faithfulness to his obligation as a Biblist, that’s not afraid to embrace and apply fresh Biblical truth.  To know him is to know that he pushes people to develop personal relationships with God and to not allow religious doctrine or tradition to hinder their growth potential.  In support of this mantra, he is openly referred to as “the Facebook Pastor”, for his aggressive embracing of technology to further extend God’s word.

So as his messages become much more definitive and as his audiences continue to grow, it is easy to calculate Jasper’s profound influence over the way people all over the world see their relationships with God.